Lyn Christiansen Fine Art


Lyn Christiansen's bio. Lyn writes about her path to the making of art. She describes her current work using kumihimo braids, mosaic, and paper.   Listed is studio address and contact information for Lyn Christiansen



Lyn Christiansen
144 Moody Street
Waltham, MA 02453

Tel. +1 617 965 7866

I started my art life very early as my mother was part of the Abstract Expressionist movement in NYC in the 50s. My first class was at the Museum of Modern Art in NY as a 5 year old in a mother/daughter class there.  She continued to teach me art history, to look, to observe, to make art, and to imagine until I left home.

While continuing to study and explore possibilities through the making of art, my passion to create and develop work environments that were fair, people oriented, innovative, and a positive factor for progress led me to a career in business, both academic and entrepreneurial. The search for creative solutions by leaders of all types in organizations shares many aspects of the artistic process. My cases of CEOs and the leadership process have been taught world-wide to 1000s of aspiring students. After 25 years of teaching, research, and consulting, the yearning for artistic creation returned with a vengeance.

A full time artist since 2004, my work is primarily 3D. I enjoy exploring  the use of interlacings, particularly techniques of Japanese kumihimo braiding, to relate to our complex and confusing world. I am also influenced by mosaic and have worked in that arena for larger installations. Recently I have started combining the two along with paint in abstracts that evoke fabric, fantasy scenes, and more literal metaphor.