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Braiding Tools

Tools for braiding are available to buy directly from me. Below is a summary list. For a full description see sub-page for each item in this section. To purchase, please use contact page or e-mail Payment is by check or PayPal. Direct eCommerce is not yet available on this site at this time.

Kukeidai Braiding Stand

Kukeidai Braiding Stand

Kukeidai Rectangular Braiding Stand

A special stand I designed specifically to aid in the making of flat braids. It is particularly useful when using 24 or more bobbins.

8” x 10” notched maple top. Handmade by Ed Christiansen.


Clip Set

Clip Set

Clip Set for Warping Kumihimo Japanese Braiding Stands

Featured in the Kukeidai “How To” Videos, this set of Swedish made freezer clips is very useful when warping. Particularly useful when warping for large numbers of bobbins or strands using differing materials and thicknesses.

Set has 7 clips in three sizes. $10 as add-on to the kukeidai.